Supermarkets in the UK generate over 800,000 tonnes of plastic packaging per year. Much of this plastic is flexible plastic, the kind that is not widely recycled. 



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Supermarkets in the UK generate around 800.000 tonnes of plastic packaging annually.

Much of this is flexible plastic, the kind that is not commercially viable to recycle. 

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Bring your own containers from home to refill from our zero waste shop. 

Or use our drop-off service. Label each container with the desired product & drop them off to us during our opening hours. We will do the work for you & refill each container, you can then collect at a time convenient for you!


Plain Flour


Shipton Mill Premium Grade White Flour

Shipton Mill Canadian Extra Strong White Flour

Gram Flour

Shipton Mill Gluten-Free Plain Flour

Shipton Mill Gluten-Free Self-Raising Flour

Shipton Mill Gluten-Free Bread Mix

Cupboard Essentials

Pure Roasters 'Mad Wae It' Coffee Beans

Fairtrade Ground Coffee

Thom & Tea Loose Tea Leaves

Demarara Sugar

White Granulated Sugar

Red Lentils

Turnip The Beet Pilau Rice Mix

Basmati Rice


Cous Cous

Penne Pasta

Breakfast Cereals

Turnip the Beet Overnight Oats Mix

Turnip The Beet Baked Granola

Turnip The Beet Muesli


Chocolate Raisins

Chilli Rice Crackers

Yoghurt Coated Cranberries

Turnip the Beet Sweet & Salty Trail Mix